What you should expect and why

Well to be quite honest and what I would expect is it all, let me explain let's say you're looking to sell land, a condo or home it doesn't really matter if its a double wide or a waterfront mansion it's all the same.

Your agent should be able to explain what the market value is of your specific property and why, not just reading off a printout that took two minutes and was automated from the MLS.

They should what I call build a case, with questions that would give them a complete understanding of your situation and the property like why are you selling and when does it need to be sold?

Do you have a note on the property?  what are the carrying costs?  Is it an investment property?  Are you doing a 1031 exchange?

How is the property deeded, in your name, joint/married, trust etc?  Where you considering any renovations/repairs? and why? 

Is it furnished, Turnkey or unfurnished?  and why?  What has been done to the property since you have owned it?

How much money was spent?  What do you feel makes your property special/unique or features you like?

How do you feel your property compares to your competition/similar properties in the area? 

What do you feel your properties worth and why?  How did you come up with that number?

And the list goes on but I think you get the point, your agent if their a true Real Estate expert needs to know all this and more. The same way a Lawyer builds a case to go to court to win is exactly what I do.

Your objective is the same as everybody else's to get as much money as possible, as fast as possible without leaving money on the table and doing it hassle free.  

This really isn't rocket science its as simple as does your agent really know what they are doing or not.

Do they know how to squeeze every dollar out of a deal, do they love the art of winning at negotiations and bust there butt for you, so you can maximize your profits with all the terms stacked in your favor? 

Do they know how to work the buyers agent to your advantage? (very few do) 

Do they keep you in the loop from contract to close basically from day one do they walk you through what to expect, when and why?

Do they tell you the truth or what they think you want to here?

Can they explain in detail everything they tell you and back it up with facts and data?

Are they personally at your home inspection to go over everything with the buyer and inspector at that time, so they can explain what really is a detail and not a problem at all (then again not many). You need to have an understanding of renovations, construction, repairs, costs, material costs and upgrades, and know how to work with the inspector so he can justify his job but at the same time not make anyone feel like the sky is falling.

The more you know, the easier it is to overcome any objections or potential problems. 

Let's say you've gotten this far and I'm trying to keep it short believe it or not because there is so much more I could go over to really show what it takes to be the best, but let's say your going to close next week, has your agent been on the phone with the Lawyer or title company weekly to keep everything on track? And keep you in the loop?

Have they been in touch with the buyers lender?

Have they reviewed your HUD for you and explained any escrow money the lender may withhold if you had a note on your property? ie taxes, insurance. And the form that will be sent in so you recieve all your money as soon as possible. Tip. The escrowed money will show on your pay off form from the lender that the Lawyer/Title company receives.

Is your agent at the closing to explain any questions you may have or help you understand the process?

Or is your agent just there, if they even show up to just sit there and collect a check.

Well if you've read this far thank you for your time, but it also says alot about you as a seller that you care about your money as you should.

I personally walk all my deals through from the contract to close. You deserve to maximize your profits (I would) and most importantly you should always know what's happening and why. 

You should never have to chase your agent around for answers, you should know what to expect and be told ahead of time. Imagine that.

Let me close with this if your looking for an agent with a shiny name tag that seems to have everything in common with you, and wants to just do what they feel will make you happy and sign a listing agreement.

And down the road blame not selling your property on the current market, interest rates, stock market or tooth fairy, well good luck with that.

On the other hand if you want someone to tell you the truth like it or not, back everything up with hard data and wants nothing more then to sell your property for top dollar, and actually earn their money well you guessed it Im your man. 


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